Worthware Systems International wins in 2016 Technology Awards for Innovative CellSell® Retail ERP Platform

Worthware Systems International wins in 2016 Technology Awards for Innovative CellSell® Retail ERP Platform

Montreal, Canada, September 8, 2016 – Worthware Systems International, a leading Vertical Market Retail ERP Provider and Developer of CellSell® the Retail ERP Platform designed exclusively for retailers of cellular phones, wireless devices, and telecommunications products and services is proud to announce, that they have won in the 2016 Technology Awards and have been named: Best Retail ERP Platform: CellSell® & Most Innovative Vertical Market ERP Provider – Canada.

The 2016 Technology Awards are granted by TMT News ( TMT News brings you all the latest information from these the three most vital industries of the modern age: Technology, Media, and Telecoms. They explore all aspects: from legislation changes to the latest deals, new product launches to appointments and everything in between and have created a range of awards programs to reward firms across those three key sectors, for the work they do and the support they provide. Their prestigious awards are based solely on merit, and highlight key players, individuals and innovative firms of all sizes who have provided the world with new, cutting-edge techniques and cast a center-stage spotlight on those, who through determination, commitment and hard work, have developed and shared their ideas to fundamentally evolve the business world and the lives of consumers and customers for years to come. All winners are selected by a combination of votes gathered from their network of respected industry partners and their own rigorous in-house research. TMT News encourages their subscriber base of over 82,000, plus an additional base of industry specific individuals, to vote for an individual or company they would like to put forward for the program. TMT News leaves nothing to chance, carefully scrutinizing everything from a nominee’s region to their performance over the past 12 months, their commitment to innovation, their methods, and even their competition to ensure that only the most deserving names walk away with one of their industry renowned awards.

“What makes us feel proudest about having won this award, is knowing that TMT News employ a dedicated research team who examine all the votes and select winners based solely on merit. We’ve long known that CellSell® is a Retail ERP Platform that truly stands apart from any other. And we work hard to keep it that way and to ensure that CellSell® remains straightforward to implement, easy to afford and simple to use. Our customers have always known this to be true. They’ve demonstrated their recognition of this time and again with their support for and success with CellSell® since 1991 in all of its various iterations. This alone has always been a tremendous source of great pride and inspiration for us, serving as a constant validation of our good work, which has driven us to continuously innovate throughout the years, and that’s always been acknowledgment and reward enough for us. Still, today I have to say, it does feel very special and just absolutely wonderful to have CellSell® and all of the innovative work we do, recognized by an entirely new audience in an entirely new way and we are so honored to receive this prestigious Award from TMT News. It’s very much appreciated and we want to thank them and express our gratitude to everyone who voted for us. Our thanks also go to our incredible team who work diligently every single day to make CellSell® the best Retail ERP Platform for Wireless Retailers on the market, and to our loyal customers, without them, none of this would be possible.” Being recognized by the TMT-News organization with this Award is a true honor which today we share, with every CellSell® customer”. Said Ron Moss CEO of Worthware Systems International.

About CellSell

CellSell® ERP is a simplified all-in-one business accounting, POS and CRM platform designed for retailers of cellular phones, wireless devices, and telecommunications products and services of all sizes. CellSell® is the most time-tested and proven Wireless Industry Specific Retail ERP Platform on the market. CellSell® leads the industry in innovation by allowing retailers to cost-effectively integrate Carrier Activations with their storefront POS transactional and back-office accounting data seamlessly in real-time, to discover a single version of the truth about their businesses that guides them to better decision making. CellSell® instantly updates Inventory, Wireless Carrier and Sales People Commissions, and Financial Accounting Reports in real-time for both store-based and company-wide consolidated Profit and Loss Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Accounts Receivable and Bank Reconciliations, and provides management with a drill-down transaction level unalterable General Ledger audit trail, that eliminates the need for standalone accounting software and the typical delays and potential errors associated with month-end data aggregation of Financial results from and between either disparate or loosely interfaced POS and Accounting systems. For more detailed information on CellSell® please click here to watch a short movie.

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