CellSell® accounting systems have been helping wireless retailers achieve success in business since 1991.

See for yourself how CellSell® accounting systems have been helping wireless retailers achieve success in business since 1991.

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Let’s See What Some Have To Say?

Our primary goal was to find an efficient point of sales tool that was future proof as well as provide stellar support. The CellSell Cloud Team have provided that and more.

Larry Jordan

President, Vocal Communications

“CellSell has proven to be very effective software that is easily customizable and adaptable to the changing needs of Cellular One as the company continues to grow. CellSell has allowed us to easily track hundreds of thousands of dollars in carrier commissions”.

Gerry Gallagher

B.Comm. - C.M.A. Controller, Cellular One

“With the decision support reports available in CellSell we were able to focus on growing strategically from our core competency of mobile communications to digital subscriber line services, satellite television and two way messaging. Our next step in our business development which entails Internet B2B and B2C, will be straightforward with the web support provided by e-CellSell. I highly recommend CellSell and the service and support backing up the software which we continue to benefit from”.

Richard Pagé

Operations and Special Projects Director, Mobi-Cell Communications

“Replacing our previous cellular management software with CellSell® was the best thing we did for our business in years. The general ledger and financials are so well integrated with point-of-sale, accounts receivable and inventory features that it has enabled us to track our company’s overall profitability and performance right down to the sales associate and sub-agent level in real-time. CellSell® has helped us to seamlessly migrate from a small retail operation, to one of Canada’s largest Rogers Wireless chains. For us double-entry accounting is a thing of the past. I would recommend CellSell® to any wireless business looking to improve operations”.

Derek Whitehouse

CPA, CGA Chief Financial Officer, Planete Mobile

“Cellsell was the right choice for our business. Choosing Cellsell was the one system option we found that was capable of running all of our businesses. While other companies are running a stand alone point of sale system, a stand alone accounting program and another one or two custom programs to run other non retail parts of their business, such as a two way radio business, we went with only one vendor and system.
Dealing with software implementation is can be very daunting and support is also a concern. On that front was really where Cellsell has exceeded our expectations thus far. Their support has been timely, knowledgeable and effective at resolving issues as they have arisen and there dedicated training staff lead you carefully through the process and are very knowledgeable in both their software and running and managing a cellular business.”

Allen Cowie

President and CEO - IM Wireless Communications Ltd.