CellSell® accounting systems have been helping wireless retailers achieve success in business since 1991.

See for yourself how CellSell® accounting systems have been helping wireless retailers achieve success in business since 1991.

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CellSell enabled us to quickly launch our stores and implement our business rules and policies within its highly configurable system architecture. The seamless flow of accurate and verifiable company financial information directly from point of sale to point of sale immediately provided us with a critical overview of the viability of our revenue model. In my opinion, this is a really great system supported by a competent support team and I highly recommend CellSell to any growing cellular retailer looking for a better complete tool to manage the business. business.

Karen Nelson

C.F.O., Talking Drum

Cellcom Communications is the largest dealer in Quebec. We have been a pioneer in this industry and continue to be a leader in our own market segment. CellSell has provided us with the tools necessary to develop and better serve our customers.

Gary Hutman

President, Cellcom Communications

We have been using CellSell for about 22 months and we are extremely satisfied with the way it has helped our business to evolve. The simplicity, common sense, logic and flexibility of CellSell make learning and training very easy to manage. The system is controlled by the windows, which makes it easy to navigate among the different components. All daily operations are directly related to accounting. Accounts receivable and accounts payable are easy to manage, as is access to key reports such as the GST. We understand better what accounting reports mean and we can dig deeper to see the details of the numbers. We can interpret the data instantly, as graphics or pie charts. It’s fast and provides essential business information. More importantly, the reports can be customized, and give us a real-time analysis of our business. CellSell continues to develop new features and creatively evolve existing components. CellSell is a complete, versatile and user-friendly system, but what puts this software above all else is its support. Our project manager has worked closely with us since its inception and has trained us on all aspects of CellSell. During this process, we learned a lot about accounting and the deeper operation of the system, and we got help with the smaller issues. Time is always for us. This incredible support has helped to make CellSell an area in its own right. We can confidently say that CellSell is an integral part of our team. CellSell has worked with us through many changes, and as our business evolves, we know that CellSell will evolve too! It is reassuring, as a business owner, to know that CellSell is committed to continuing to develop and expand its capacity so it does not become obsolete. At Little House of Wireless, we strongly recommend CellSell and its support team!

Jon and Mary Wright

Dealer Principals, Little House of Wireless, Inc

Go Mobile has been a TELUS dealer for 8 years in the Ottawa area. As we grew up, it became clear last year that we needed to streamline our POS and accounting efforts. We previously managed two separate hosted systems; a stand-alone point of sale system that did not have accounting capabilities and a general purpose accounting system. Thanks to CellSell, we have been able to integrate these two essential components of our business. Initially, we were concerned that this was a very painful process, but with the support of our project manager and the reliability of the CellSell software, this major implementation was made transparent. We learned early on that the CellSell program was scalable and flexible; this allowed us to help meet our business needs. Regarding the technical aspects, CellSell’s technical support staff was available to resolve any issues. At the same time, our project manager worked closely with our staff to train us on the day-to-day aspects of the system as well as more complex accounting functions. We were very pleased with our decision to implement CellSell; It helped us achieve our business goals.

Kristin Headrick

President, Go Mobile Communications Inc

We bought CellSell Light about 8 years ago for our point-of-sale system. We were extremely pleased with the results as well as the training and advice given throughout the implementation. Three years ago we moved to CellSell PRO. It was an almost seamless transition thanks to our project manager and all the dedicated support we have received over the years. This software is extremely remarkable because it allows us to manage all the financial aspects of our business, including real-time transactions, accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory and much more. CellSell has made our accounting process so much more efficient and so easy to use. Our team would also like to take the time to congratulate your staff and our project manager for all the fantastic help they have shown to develop such an excellent product. Thank you again for the benefits this product has offered our company. At Go 2 Jo Mobility strongly recommends CellSell to improve your cellular operations.

Joanne Aitchison

President, Go 2 Jo mobility