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Most traditional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems were originally developed years ago as either general purpose financial management systems or as integrated software modules for manufacturing companies, not for retail companies, and especially not for wireless retail companies. The CellSell® accounting systems ERP platform is different. From inception CellSell® was developed as a fully integrated financial accounting and point-of-sale (POS) platform with a cellular retail ERP operational framework. Throughout the years CellSell® has continuously evolved to fit the precise needs of retailers of cellular phones. Today CellSell® is the leading Retail ERP platform for the North American Wireless industry that seamlessly integrates, consolidates and coordinates all the resources, information, and activities needed to complete day-to-day store-front and back-office cellular/wireless retailer business processes such as, financial accounting, inventory management, inventory optimization, supply chain management, revenue management, customer facing interactive retail, point-of-sale (POS), stored value gift and loyalty card management, carrier activations, carrier electronic contracts signature capture and archiving, customer relationship management (CRM), service loaner and repair management, sales force automation (SFA), employee and store commission management, human resources (HR), business intelligence (BI) reporting and real-time remote Android®, iOS® and Windows® tablet-based mobile computing, without the need for separate or standalone systems. CellSell® next-generation accounting systems seamlessly combine, modern on-demand, secure, thin client application access, with centrally managed, thin client application logic to simplify implementation, increase data security, reduce IT costs, reduce accounting expenses, eliminate double-entry, increase revenue and improve bottom line profitability.

The CellSell® cellular retail ERP suite is comprised of CellSell® Light, CellSell® Pro, CellSell® Enterprise, CellSell® H.A.C.I. as well as the all new software as a service (SaaS) versions, CellSell® Cloud and CellSell® Cloud Enterprise Edition. Each unique edition of CellSell® is designed to be fully data compatible with the next, so that wireless retailers are always provided with a clear migration path as their businesses change and grow, to ensure that CellSell® is a long-term technology foundation that can always support their needs.

Originally introduced in Canada in 1991 today’s next-generation CellSell® accounting systems take full advantage the latest in virtualized remote desktop computing and are available throughout North America. CellSell® is the most time-tested and proven integrated accounting and true Retail ERP platform designed for wireless retailers. Successfully implemented by both private and public wireless companies, all CellSell® accounting systems in the suite offer comprehensive integrated features, designed to support all of the business requirements of a modern wireless retail organization. CellSell® accounting systems provide the real-time enterprise-wide information access, consolidated cellular carrier, and partner business processes, and state-of-the-art, thin client flexible technology platform, required to allow wireless/cellular retailers to compete and remain competitive in today’s wireless retail marketplace.


Starting out in business, often upon the recommendation of their accountants, wireless retailers use mass-market general-purpose, integrated accounting software programs. Initially, this allows them to recognize the value of running one system instead of collections of standalone single-purpose software products in their businesses. However, they are quick to find out that these types of mass-market general-purpose integrated accounting software programs are not very effective at managing the wide range of functionality specific to a wireless retailer’s daily operations. Consequently, wireless retailers end up moving away from running their businesses on just one integrated accounting package. Instead, they invest time and money implementing a second software package, one that is industry specific and standalone and run in parallel to fill the functionality gaps presented them by their initial mass-market general-purpose integrated accounting software programs. Then, they are left to manage not one but two standalone systems that are not integrated or loosely integrated and still do not perfectly fit their needs. Wireless retailers soon find out that they have created a whole new set of challenges for themselves having to manage these two separate systems. The problem is that industry specific standalone retail software packages are not at all effective at managing the back-office financial accounting for wireless retailers. They lack strong financial controls, financial reporting, and General Ledger audit trail. In these types of business environments when it comes to the financial information from the retail sales floor, wireless retailers end up having to double-key, or export and import financial data, from one system to another and this requires resources and oversight, in order to validate this vital POS financial data. Keeping this information up-to-date is a challenge unto itself. Running the business in this way involves a lot of back and forth data reconciliation between systems to try to arrive at accurate financial reporting. It can be a cumbersome exercise because standalone systems by their very nature don’t fully integrate and data always resides in two disparate databases. This can create inefficiencies, where work is at some point duplicated and data in each source possibly conflicts. The back-office staff is often dealing with dated and only summary information that may need to be called into question. Since accurate financials are the cornerstone of every business, eventually wireless retailers recognize that there is just too much pain, cost, and risk associated with running their financials in this way. It is this crossroad that wireless retailers typically begin to understand it’s time to look for and capitalize on a different and better solution and CellSell® is the one integrated POS, CRM and business accounting  solution they choose.


The iCellSell™ iOS App is now available on the Apple App Store. iCellSell™ provides real-time remote connections from your favorite iOS devices to dedicated customized CellSell® for iCellsell™ server sessions. The iCellSell™ iOS app will put your CellSell® Retail ERP system in the palm of your hands whether you use an iPad, iPhone or an iTouch. iCellSell™ offers you the additional peace of mind of knowing that your CellSell® Retail ERP system and your corporate data resides only on your remote CellSell® application server and not on your iOS device. Use iCellsell™ on your favorite iOS device to view your existing business records, insert new records or run and e-mail reports from anywhere without being tethered to your PC.


The CellSell® Client for Android™ app provides secure remote access to dedicated CellSell® for Android™ server sessions. Use CellSell Client for Android™ on Wi-Fi and 3G/4G networks to connect to your own dedicated CellSell® for Android™ server session from any Android-powered device irrespective of screen resolution. When connected to your CellSell® for Android™ server session you can view your existing records, insert new records or run and e-mail reports from anywhere without being tethered to your PC. The CellSell® for Android™ client app put’s your CellSell® Retail ERP system in the palm of your hands.


CellSell® e-Contracts create a paperless workflow for wireless retailers, completely eliminating the need to print carrier cellular service agreements for signing and archiving at the Point-of-Sale. If you are currently filing and storing signed paper copies of carrier cellular service agreements, CellSell e-Contracts is for you. If you are currently using desktop image scanners to capture and store your paper copies of signed carrier cellular service agreements in digital format CellSell e-Contracts is for you. If you are currently using an outsourced digital contract storage service CellSell e-Contracts are for you. CellSell e-Contracts make digital signing and storage of paperless electronic versions of carrier cellular service agreements at the point-of-sale, a cost effective and efficient reality. CellSell e-Contracts eliminate the need for desktop image scanners. CellSell e-Contacts seamlessly integrate with your CellSell system, eliminating the need to scan paper copies of carrier cellular service agreements. CellSell e-Contracts allow you to securely control and keep your own business data in-house. Contact us to find out how CellSell e-Contracts can save you thousands of dollars per year.

CellSell Service and Repair

Whether you run a single store or multiple locations in a chain of stores, the CellSell® Service and Repair System incorporates all the features that your cell phone and wireless device repair business needs into one, complete integrated CRM, POS, accounting ERP solution. Features include real-time inventory, loaner management, integrated work order repair ticket management and billing, warranty work order repair ticket management, billing and reconciliation, detailed device and customer based repair history, and a host of many other unique features that you can see for yourself in an online demo. Book a demo with us so we can show you everything you need to know about the CellSell® Service and Repair System for your cell phone and wireless device repair business.


Now, you can bring the full power of CellSell® enhanced POS options to your business. That’s because this dynamic add-on to your CellSell® system allows you to have a second monitor facing your customers to walk them through the POS check-out process and present your in-stock suggestive sell items configured on your CellSell® price list. When your staff is not ringing up sales, each screen will display in-store digital content that you create on your own, to your customers. These digital advertisements can be set to alternate at timed intervals allowing you to automatically inform your customers about your company, new or featured products and services or your current in-store promotions. CellSell® customer facing screens are effective and help to increase your attachment ratios by displaying suggestive sell items and prices during POS checkout and CellSell® customer facing screens enhance your brand by turning your customers POS checkout into more interactive experience. CellSell® customer facing screens are affordable and offer great return for a minimal investment.


Now, you can bring the true Internet experience to your customers in-store with CellSell® Interactive Retail. CellSell® Interactive Retail can be deployed via Touch Screens to help you engage shoppers in your store with your centrally managed content directly from your CellSell® Price List. CellSell® Interactive Retail empowers your customers to interact with this content and access product information and digital media in the form of videos, to quickly and easily find answers to their own questions without the help of a sales associate. This technology helps to reduce walk-outs during peak times and provides your customers with a differentiated customer in-store shopping experience setting your retail organization apart from your competition.


CellSell® Mobile Interactive Retail is built for sales assist on tablets and enables your in-store and outside sales associates to engage your customers and guide them through the shopping process to drive better conversion and a higher revenues. When you equip your employees with cost effective tablets, they can actually partner with your customers share and compare product information, show video demos and suggest related products, making tablets a more valuable and profitable part of your in-store and outside sales process and since today’s wireless customers associate tablet usage with retail innovation CellSell® Mobile Interactive Retail will help you to successfully differentiate your brand from the competition.

CellSell® integrated e-commerce applications extend the reach of your business.


e-CellSell® B2C an accessory web-store designed for consumer e-tailing and e-CellSell® B2B an online order-entry and fulfillment busines-to-business application designed for sub-agent and franchisee online ordering. Both e-CellSell® e-commerce applications are designed to support retailers and wholesalers of wireless products and services and interface seamlessly with CellSell® PRO, CellSell® Enterprise, and CellSell® H.A.C.I. accounting and cellular retail ERP software as add-ons. e-CellSell® e-commerce applications empower authorized users to automatically create their own web store catalog pages using existing price list and inventory items. Whenever authorized users make changes to their CellSell® PRO, CellSell® ENTERPRISE or CellSell® H.A.C.I. e-commerce enabled products, including changing prices, product descriptions, or adding new items, e-CellSell® e-commerce web applications are updated automatically to display these same changes on the internet to web shoppers.

Once web shoppers place their orders, e-CellSell® e-commerce web applications leave them ready for fulfillment directly in CellSell® PRO or CellSell® Enterprise or CellSell® H.A.C.I. accounting and cellular retail ERP software, so users can quickly process them without having to rekey any information. This completely eliminates the tedious double-entry normally associated with separate non-integrated e-commerce, inventory fulfillment and accounting systems. Both of the e-CellSell® e-commerce web applications allow existing on-line customers to verify order history, maintain open orders and view order status and messaging.

The e-CellSell® B2B e-commerce web application enables dealer sub-agents and franchise stores to place orders for inventory in bulk, making the e-CellSell® B2B e-commerce web application an ideal solution, for any master dealer or franchisor wishing to streamline supply chain management for wholesale distribution. Optionally the e-CellSell® B2B e-commerce web application can be implemented to support real-time recording of subscriber activation service plan, features and mobile phone information for multiple carriers to simplifiy sub-agent or franchisee commission management.

The e-CellSell® B2C e-commerce web application allows retail customers to shop on-line for the products you choose to make available from your CellSell® price list and because everything you wish to offer on your web store is controlled from inside the CellSell® PRO, CellSell® Enterprise or CellSell® H.A.C.I. software menus and your authorized users require no previous experience special training or skills in HTML web site design, e-commerce systems development or administration, they can get your products published to your web store quickly efficiently and cost-effectively.

See how you can save time and money without stand-alone systems and manual processes.

Retail ERP for your wireless business made simple and done right

The CellSell® platform is simple to implement and use, economical to own, and always in step to match your rapidly evolving needs. With CellSell® you always have the power to choose the correct CellSell® edition that’s right for your business. Regardless of the size of your company, if you are currently running it on a collection of loosely interfaced, or non-integrated standalone systems, switching over to an edition of CellSell® will help you to run your entire wireless retail business better, because you’ll be running it on one complete and fully integrated system. CellSell® is Retail ERP for your wireless business, made simple and done right.

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CellSell® LIGHT your on-ramp to integrated accounting and true Cellular Retail ERP.

CellSell® Light is the technology on-ramp to integrated accounting and true Cellular Retail ERP. CellSell® Light eliminates the need to rely upon standalone point-of-sale cellular software, retail management software and general purpose mass market accounting software packages. CellSell® Light is designed for growing wireless retailers with lean IT budgets who recognize the importance of moving to a modern fully integrated software infrastructure. The latest generation of CellSell® Light has been newly enhanced with an upgraded user interface, additional multi-user, multi-store work schedule capability, enriched Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Force Automation (SFA), and new built-in dashboard driven Business Intelligence Analytics to compliment it’s core integrated financial accounting feature set. CellSell® Light is equipped with a very similar user interface as CellSell PRO its more advanced counterpart, moreover many new features have been added that enhance the Point-of-Sale (POS), Accounting, Inventory and Commissioning file management capabilities making CellSell® Light the most comprehensive and easy-to-use cost effective entry-level Cellular Retail ERP application available. CellSell® Light has inherited a similar user interface to CellSell® PRO which provides consistency across all the various components in the software making it easier to learn and use. For example CellSell® Light has the same screen navigator layouts for simpler file access and management. Furthermore, since the interface in CellSell®Light is almost indistinguishable from CellSell® Pro it enables a smoother upgrade path for users.

CellSell® Light gets you started and supports even the leanest of IT budgets.

CellSell® Light supports even the leanest of IT budgets while still preserving an airtight general ledger audit trail. CellSell® Light empowers users with a complete arsenal of accounting modules, including general ledger, accounts receivable and payable, bank reconciliation and Financial Statements seamlessly consolidated with integrated wireless industry specific business process work flows to allow growing wireless retailers to remain competitive. CellSell® Light integrates your entire business and puts you on a fast track to accurate, timely and complete financial reporting.

CellSell® Light is easy to setup, easy to learn, easy to use and easy to own.

Today’s CellSell® Light demistifies accounting to simplify your ERP implementation, making it easier than ever to get started. CellSell® Light is easier than ever buy and to use, and best of all you do not need to know anything about accounting to use it. Our expert staff will show you how to set it up and use it to reduce expenses and put you in complete control of your business.

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CellSell® PRO for great POS, advanced integrated accounting and true Cellular Retail ERP.

Implement CellSell® PRO to consolidate disparate wireless carrier POS systems and processes with your own to increase your customer checkout capacity, to make your existing employees more effective, to create a differentiated service offering, to improve your customer’s in-store shopping experience, and to build your own competitive advantage. Fully implemented CellSell® PRO seamlessly brings together advanced yet simple to use point-of-sale (POS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales force Automation (SFA), Point-of-Service, Commission, Real-Time Serialized and Non-Serialized Inventory, Accounts Receivable (A/R), Accounts Payable (A/P), General Ledger, Retail Store, Department and Location based Financials, Human Resources (HR) and OLAP Cube based Business Intelligence (BI) to help you gain total control of your entire business so you focus on increasing your sales, reducing your costs and producing better bottom-line performance.

Fulfill customer expectations faster, better and with greater proficiency than your most fierce competitors

CellSell® PRO is advanced true Retail ERP for wireless designed to facilitate retail growth, expansion and profitability. CellSell® PRO provides the necessary tools to enable your company to stay ahead of your competition, sense consumer demand at the point-of-sale and respond in real-time across your own seamlessly integrated enterprise, as well as across a tightly integrated network of key suppliers and employees, to fulfill customer expectations faster, better and with greater proficiency than your most fierce competitors.

CellSell® PRO creates experts

CellSell® PRO is easy learn, simple to use and sucessfully implement, because your users can become experts before you roll-out. Your CellSell® PRO Tutorial Database allows you to take as much time as you need to thoroughly test your own setup with your own real data and real user profiles before you go-live. In this way you can create CellSell® PRO expert users who can make your migration over to the CellSell® PRO a more seamless and rewarding experience for your entire organization.

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With CellSell® Enterprise your wireless company can never outgrow the CellSell® platform.

With CellSell® Enterprise your wireless company can never outgrow the CellSell® platform. CellSell Enterprise is the premium edition of the CellSell accounting systems Cellular Retail ERP application suite. CellSell Enterprise is a world class high performance, multi-tier, client-server enterprise-level application that supports real time database replication. CellSell® Enterprise is specifically designed to support high transaction rates, large distributed user bases, and huge centralized data stores. CellSell Enterprise shares a similar feature set with CellSell® Pro it’s thin client server technology based, small-and-medium sized business (SMB) counterpart and offers many new benefits, one of which integrates proprietary thin client technology, providing greater security, connectivity and access via the internet.

CellSell® Enterprise supports high availability virtualized deployments

The CellSell® Enterprise edition is uniquely suited for mission critical implementations. CellSell® Enterprise can be optionally licensed for use in High Availability (HA) virtualized deployments, that maximize scalability and performance in the most demanding computing environments.

Your wireless business will never outgrow the CellSell® platform.

Whether you are an independent cellular retailer with thousands of concurrent users implementing the CellSell® platform technology for the first time, or an existing growing CellSell® licensee migrating your business over to CellSell® Enterprise edition to support your growth, or a Regional or National Cellular Carrier, contemplating an internal system review, or new integration, CellSell® Enterprise is your assurance, that your wireless company can never outgrow the CellSell® platform.

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For advanced integrated accounting and true Cellular Retail ERP channel integration.

CellSell® H.A.C.I. is a multi-company Retail ERP deployment platform for automated channel integration. CellSell® H.A.C.I. provides master agents and franchisors with the technology platform designed to quickly integrate, implement and deploy distributed new sub-agent and franchise store Integrated Accounting and Retail ERP systems with minimal effort. CellSell® H.A.C.I. Host and Client databases communicate in real-time providing wireless master agents and franchisors with the integrated technology platform necessary to maintain and exchange channel relevant information between separate business entities.

Measure the success of your CellSell® H.A.C.I. integrated channel in real-time

If you’re a master dealer or franchisor with aspirations of integrating your business and partner companies on one platform then CellSell® H.A.C.I. is the solution you’ve been waiting for. Each H.A.C.I. individual business entity database has a unique digital signature and relationship with your own corporate database so that activation revenue flows seamlessly throughout the connected business entities up through your own corporate database in real-time. This makes measuring the success of your CellSell® H.A.C.I. integrated channel effortless.

Empower your employees to publish their work

Your CellSell H.A.C.I. deployment will allow you to normalize your channel, and empower your employees to publish new carrier plans, promotions, extended service features, and new inventory SKUs to all of the separate corporate entities in your CellSell H.A.C.I. integrated channel, be they agents or franchisees. As each entity records a new activation in their CellSell H.A.C.I. systems your own CellSell H.A.C.I system is updated with a record of the activation in real-time, eliminating the need to have your staff enter sub-agent or franchise store activation data for re-use in commission payouts.

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CellSell® Cloud Retail ERP

CellSell® Cloud and CellSell® Cloud Enterprise Edition are two new retail ERP solutions developed specifically for small, mid-sized and large North American wireless retailers and are both delivered on-demand, in the software as a service (SaaS) model to streamline front-to-back-office POS and financial integration and administration, reduce operating costs, and optimize retail operations.

CellSell® Cloud is designed to provide the unique support and tools needed to allow for quick implementation of accounting, inventory and POS so that wireless retailers can begin ordering and receiving inventory and creating POS and seamlessly integrated financial accounting transactions in as little as just (2) days.

CellSell® Cloud Enterprise Edition is designed to provide wireless retailers with higher transaction volumes and larger data stores with an enterprise class flexible retail ERP solution, purpose-built to be both highly scalable and easily customizable.

CellSell® Cloud End-to-End Retail ERP Solutions

Both of these new on-demand CellSell® Cloud Retail ERP Solutions benefit from 25 years of time-tested and proven CellSell® wireless retailer specific core ERP functionality that seamlessly integrates consolidates and coordinates all of the resources, information and activities needed to complete day-to-day, store-front-to-back-office business processes including, store based and consolidated P&L financial accounting, accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory management, inventory optimization, point-of-sale (POS) carrier activations, carrier electronic contracts signature capture and archiving, customer relationship management (CRM) employee and store commission management, human resources (HR), business intelligence (BI) reporting and real-time remote Android®, iOS® and Windows® tablet based mobile computing, without the need for separate or standalone systems.

Book a CellSell® Cloud Retail ERP online demonstration today and see for yourself how cost-effective and simple it is to get started.

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