Worthware Systems International launches new CellSell® integration with TELUS to support ‘Bring-it-Back’ device upgrade program

Latest CellSell® integration with TELUS supports ‘Bring-it-Back’ device upgrade program


Montreal, Canada, September 6, 2018 – Worthware Systems International, leading Vertical Market Retail ERP Providers and Developers of CellSell® the Retail ERP Platform designed exclusively for retailers of cellular phones, wireless devices, and telecommunications products and services successfully release latest CellSell® POS integration with TELUS that supports the new ‘Bring-it-Back’ device upgrade program.

TELUS Dealers can now use the Patented Technology built into CellSell® to completely automate and accurately process ‘Bring-it-Back’(BIB) program device upgrades and their specific sales taxes and subsidy discounts in seconds, at the till.

“Once again our development team worked closely with the TELUS Channel Systems & Technology team to ensure that CellSell® met the TELUS business requirements and internal testing was successful. We are very excited to see our TELUS Dealers begin to enjoy the many benefits of this new ‘Bring-it-Back’ device upgrade program POS integration. It checks several important boxes for our customers. From computing accurate and clearly explained POS sales tax at the till, to improving the customer experience and automating financial accounting and subsidy discount tracking and reconciliation for the back-office personnel. We are happy to continue to partner with TELUS to help make the launch of this our latest iteration of the CellSell® TELUS POS Sales Channel Integration a success.” said Ron Moss President and CEO of Worthware Systems International Inc.

About Worthware Systems International

Worthware Systems International Inc., is a privately owned Canadian corporation and leading vertical market Retail ERP provider specializing in the production of highly configurable all-in-one business financial accounting, POS and CRM solutions and well as low-cost, high ROI, customer experience systems, including in-store virtual queuing that eliminates waiting lines and monitors customer service and satisfaction levels to protect brand reputations and increase revenues and paperless carrier electronic contracts, each licensed under the brand name CellSell® and designed specifically to meet the dynamic needs of retailers of cellular phones, wireless devices, and telecommunications products and services of all types and sizes.

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