Uncomplicate wireless retail with CellSell®. Our award-winning Cellular Retail ERP Platform, integrates our Patented POS activation data processing technology, with Carrier business rules and CRM, allowing you to, instantly compute accurate, smartphone and wireless device subsidized SRP, commission, real-time inventory, and drill down, source transaction-level detail, cloud-based financials and accounting, that deliver, unsurpassed simplicity, auditability, efficiency, time and cost savings, to your wireless business.

CellSell® is the most time-tested, proven, and trusted, Cellular Retail ERP Platform, and provides you with a higher ROI, than standalone, POS software for cell phone stores, or general purpose, accounting, RMS or CRM systems.

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OUR integrations

Patented Carrier Integration

With CellSell® patented technology, you can seamlessly apply for cellphone and wireless device service, automatically create customer POS invoices with the current Carrier suggested retail price, and instantly update your activation commissions, hardware subsidies, inventory, store location and company-wide Profit and Loss Financial Statements, all in real-time.

Carrier e-Contracts

With CellSell® you can electronically capture, encrypt, and archive, cellphone, and wireless device Carrier Service Agreements with subscriber signatures, for convenient, quick and easy, on-demand paperless contract retrieval.

Carrier Virtual Prepaid

With CellSell® you can, increase sales, reduce inventory, improve cash flow, eliminate theft and fraud with integrated carrier prepaid airtime vouchers.

Carrier Reconcilliation

With CellSell® you can easily import and accurately electronically reconcile your cell phone and wireless device activation commissions and hardware subsidy reimbursement report files from your Carrier, without having to set up and maintain, complicated tables and lists of Price Plan SOC Codes, or pay any other company to do it for you, which saves you time and money.

Our Patented Technology, seamlessly merges Carrier Activation, POS and Accounting, making CellSell® more powerful, complete and easier to use, than standalone Cell Phone Store POS Software or Retail Management Systems. Contact us, and let us show you how simple it is to leverage the latest CellSell® platform technologies to, reduce your expenses, improve your cash flow, and to generate, easily track and manage, more revenue, for your wireless business.

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CellSell® supports even the leanest of IT budgets

CellSell® is a flexible and highly scalable Retail ERP platform designed to grow with your wireless business and support even the leanest of IT budgets along the way. With CellSell® you always have the flexibility to choose the specific CellSell® edition and deployment model that best suits your company's individual needs. Be it Cloud, Private Cloud or On-Premise, the choice is always yours.

Integrated CellSell® thin client technology delivers superior transaction processing speeds for POS and across all areas of your wireless business.

Proprietary CellSell® integrated thin client computing technology delivers, consistently fast transaction processing speeds, for your daily store-front and back-office operations, even over low bandwidth internet connections. The simple and minimalist CellSell® forms have all been designed, integrated and fully optimized to consume the least amount of bandwidth and best support CellSell® thin client connectivity and virtualization. Completing a sale is efficient because you can start and finish a POS transaction quickly, without ever having to exit your customer's invoice screen. Additionally, the CellSell® thin client cloud-based architecture is designed so that no application data ever resides on a user's workstation itself (just whatever is displayed on screen), increasing system transaction performance while centralizing malware protection and reducing the risks of physical data theft. CellSell® thin client application layer access, facilitates enhanced data security, so that should a PC ever suffer a hardware failure no data will be lost as it resides on the centralized CellSell® server in the Cloud and not on the point-of-operation PC or mobile device. CellSell® thin client technology can lower your hardware costs by extending the life of your existing older and less powerful PCs, allowing you to continue their effective use, and providing them with a longer period of time before requiring an upgrade or becoming obsolete.

WHAT WE Deliver


Capability To Leverage Integrated Payment Processing Technology

Leverage Fully encrypted tokenized and integrated PCI compliant EMV payment processing technology. Improve your in-store customer experience and increase business efficiency with advanced payment processing terminals that display invoice line-items, as they are being tallied in real-time.


Capability To Make Your Own Gift Cards

Turn your customers into promoters of your business with stored value gift cards, powerful wallet sized mini-billboards that advertise your brand 24/7. Unlock new profits with CellSell® integrated stored value gift card technology. Eliminate third-party suppliers and transcation fees and run your own in-house, self-sufficient, customer-centric gift and loyalty card program and deliver a superior shopping experience to your customers.


Capability To Master Retail Business Intelligence

Gain real-time insight from your cellular retail sales operations, measure your sales team performance, analyse your customer buying behaviors and drive profitable revenue growth and increase your ROI. CellSell® OLAP Cubes enable you to “slice and dice” your company’s data so you can quickly and easily build and save your own reports that provide you with real-time business intelligence and complete visibility into your enterprise. CellSell® is the one single data source for all sales and business performance information you’ll ever need.


Capitalize on the latest in Cellular Retail ERP innovation to streamline your POS transactions, improve your customer experience, reduce your expenses, increase your revenue, and run your entire business better, on one, more complete, cost-effective and simplified platform.


“Implementing CellSell® in the stores had a tremendous impact on our customer experience. We were processing sales and activations and it was taking about 30 minutes, it went from 30 minutes to about 15 minutes.”

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